Cooking Lessons

Learn the secrets of the tuscan cooking


Inside Villa Barberino’s walls are organized also cooking lessons. Tuscany, with its rich tradition of typical products, from extra-virgin olive oil to beef, from cheese to the best italian wines, has handed down straordinary recipes until now, with simple and genuine ingredients.


You could book a cooking lessons directly with our chef and it could be organized in some days or only in one afternoon.


In the end you will have a certificate and some more notions about the ancient tuscan recipes also about appetizers and desserts.

Painting Lessons


Villa Barberino offers charming views, typical of the Tuscany, ables to stimulate the creativity and inspire beautiful wash drawings and paintings. In fact, many italian or foreign groups, organized their holidays on the basis of the painting (courses, lessons and much more) inside the Villa Barberino’s walls, where the staff is particolarly prepared to welcome this kind of events.


Ask information to organize with a professional an holiday based on the culture and art.