Il Settecento ci ha lasciato il compito di coltivare con saggezza e maestria i disegni dei giardini, il significato di un paesaggio....

Una sera al tramonto, la pietra, il silenzio, il vento fra i cipressi e gli olivi e la santità magra e profonda della Toscana che risale dal nulla....

I putti e gli angeli, guardiani silenti di un giardino incantato, ascoltano la voce delle stagioni che alterna i colori degli alberi, le tele dei ragni, il volo degli uccelli...

The importance of a detail, a draw in an ancient wall , the light of a glimpse between a book and an armchair….

The simple and infinite beauty of the art, is hidden in the most secret corners of Villa Barberino

Our park is a paradise for those who decide to get married here from all the world.

Relax in our solarium between cypresses and olives.

Tuscan tastes, the light of a lamp, the atmosphere of a lake, a valley rich in stories, the magic of a dinner in Barberino…

Today, wine is aged in an ancient Longobard cellar

Villa Barberino

Charme in Tuscany

Barberino in Meleto was a Longobard castle. Today, there isn’t any trace of that epoch , even if , in our cellar dug in the rock and located underground, evidence of that period remain. The place, which was established in the first centuries after year 1000, is situated in a Valdarno’s crest and so it was easily defendable.

For its strategic position, the Barberino castle (from greek toponym “broken gound”) was tied to the Florentine Republic who was struggling with Arezzo between XIII and XV centuries and from 1340 it was capital of Avane league, a villages’ federation, which had the center in Barberino castle. In the following centuries, the property was enlarged and modified by the noble families Alamanni, Uguccioni Gherardi and Rosselli del Turco.


The Villa with its hamlet, after decades of abandon, since 1988 were restored by the Bonis and they acquired again the beauty and the charme lost after the end of the second half of XIX century.
Today, the resort disposes of a restaurant, swimming pool, solarium, tennis court, italian gardens, wood, meeting room, rooms and apartments finely restored with epoch furniture, antique objects and furnished with every comfort to make your stay unforgettable.


Our rooms and apartments

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